Wu Style Fighting Applications

The martial reputation of the Wu Family was not created randomly. It is a result of the constant practice in the Forms and Pushing Hands, in the consistent application of the principles of movement and the comprehensive practice of the fighting applications that spring from the Forms.

The techniques of the Forms are complemented and unified by the movements and the footwork of the Pushing Hands, the Weapon Forms and the Chi Kung. Thus, fighting applications are effective and practical and not merely a useless copy of the Forms.

Fighting Applications
Μαχητικές Εφαρμογές (Fighting Applications) 2

All the techniques include the 8 Powers (Jin), the 4 Methods of Fighting, as well as the Techniques for Power Generation (Fa Jing). They thus have a special technical aspect that makes them distinctive from the other styles of martial arts. Fighting applications include all the techniques, the deep knowledge and the quality of Tai Chi Chuan.

The final step of the training is free sparring (with proper gear and within the school). In free sparring are allowed all blows (with all parts of the body, not just with the hands and the legs), joint-locks, throws, submissions etc. However, the opponents always maintain the basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan.

The basic Fighting Applications of Wu Tai Chi Chuan that spring from the Traditional Form (each application comprises many elements) are the following:

  • Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan
  • Wave Hands Like a Cloud (Turning Hands)
  • Wild Horse Separate Mane
  • Single Whip
  • Playing Guitar
  • Slap Face with Palm
  • Brush Knee and Push
  • High Pat on Horse
  • Play Arms Like a Fan
  • Strike Fist to Back
  • Grasp Bird’s Tail
  • Push Forward
  • Cross, Single Hand Sweep Lotus Leg
  • Raise Hands
  • Repulse Monkey
  • White Crane Spreads Wings
  • Punch Down
  • Step Forward and Push
  • Fist Under Elbow
  • Slant Flying
  • Separate Feet
  • Carry Tiger to the Mountain
  • Cross Hands
  • Double Hand Sweep Lotus Leg
  • Draw the Bow to Shoot the Tiger
  • Needle at Sea Bottom
  • Kick with Heel
  • Separate Hands
  • Raise Foot
  • Lean Back and Kick
  • Hit Opponent’s Ear with Fist
  • Step Back and Hit the Tiger
  • Ride the Tiger
  • Fair Lady Works at Shuttle
  • Snake Creeps Down (Push Down)
  • Golden Cock on one Leg
  • Seven Stars
  • Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan