Welcome to the official website of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Learning Center Limassol in Cyprus

The Learning Center has been officially recognized by the renowned Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese
martial arts, Wu Family and the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.

Our School represents the Wu family, by decision of the Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu and is
responsible for the dissemination of the style in Cyprus and beyond.

Our goals / objectives are:

To promote the learning of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, as it is taught nowadays by the Wu family itself, the technical skills as well as the traditional culture.

To contribute to the teaching of the fundamental principles of Tai Chi Chuan in Cyprus, as recorded in the Classical Texts of Tai Chi Chuan and developed over the years by the Wu Family.

To assist so that more and more people can get to know the benefits the practice of this unique
and special martial art gives to the body, mind and spirit.

To follow Grandmaster’s Wu Kwong Yu encourage, “It is our aim to train students to develop their own potential to reach high standards in the art of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.”

To endeavor to follow Grandmaster Wu Chien Chuan’s teaching, ‘Be amiable, be kind, be respectful, be modest, and be generous’.

Tai Chi Chuan Instructor

A few words about Georgia Kontaki

My first encounter with martial arts was in 1982 at the age of eight.

My uncle, a second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, was my childhood hero. I would spend endless hours watching him and practising with him in our back yard.

After he had instilled his passion for martial arts in me, I found myself wanting to take it further so I started looking for a school where I could train professionally. Unfortunately, there was nothing of this sort in the area, I was growing up in, and so my dream gradually began to fade away.

Tai Chi Chuan - Γεωργία Κοντάκη

Tai Chi Chuan

tai chi chuan benefits
Who can practice Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan class
What Tai Chi consists of
Wu Style
tai chi chuan benefits
Who can practice Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan class
What Tai Chi consists of
Tai Chi Chuan exercise
Wu Style


  • 108 Wu style Traditional Form
  • 108 Wu Style Round Form
  • 54 Wu Style International Competition Round Form
  • Wu style Sparring Forms
  • 21 Wu Style Simplified Form
  • 15 Children Form
  • 32 Wu Style Sitting Form
Chi Kung exercises combine movement, stillness, concentration and breathing exercises.

In Wu Tai Chi Chuan, training in Pushing Hands is considered as very important. Students are encouraged to practice Pushing Hands consistently.

Pushing Hands is the bridge that unifies the forms with fighting applications. Its practice is a challenge for the knowledge and the abilities the student has gained through his practice of the forms.
Pushing Hands teaches the student very important elements that can be learned only through the contact with other partners. Finally, it elevates the quality of movement and the fighting abilities to a very high level.

The martial reputation of the Wu Family was not created randomly. It is a result of the constant practice in the Forms and Pushing Hands, in the consistent application of the principles of movement and the comprehensive practice of the fighting applications that spring from the Forms.

The techniques of the Forms are complemented and unified by the movements and the footwork of the Pushing Hands, the Weapon Forms and the Chi Kung. Thus, fighting applications are effective and practical and not merely a useless copy of the Forms.

  • Wu Style Sword
  • Wu Style Sabre
  • Wu Style Spear
  • Wu Style Ruler (Bang)

Training in our center

Every year we run separate Intermediate-Advanced and Beginners classes in the morning and afternoon.

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